Pantethine Health Benefits

July 26, 2016 yourhealth 0

There are few natural compounds more powerful than pantethine and its relative pantothenic acid. For decades pantothenic acid is one of the essential nutrients used to help adrenal function. In fact, it is a good substitute for prednisone, a drug which has horrible side effects, but is very valuable in […]

Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushrooms

July 6, 2016 yourhealth 0

Some of the most important health benefits of reishi mushrooms include their ability to slow the aging process, detoxify the body, reduce blood pressure, eliminate inflammation, prevent cancer, improve cognitive ability, and boost energy. While the reishi mushroom, or “Lingzhi” in Chinese, is still relatively unknown in Western cultures, this fascinating […]

Saffron Extract And Weight Loss

July 5, 2016 yourhealth 0

Over the years, there have been many weight loss products that have hit the weight loss industry. Yet, one product gets used more and more often these days. Saffron extract that is in cooking has now become a part of a weight loss supplement. This is able to help you […]

French Oak Wood And Chronic Fatigue

June 28, 2016 yourhealth 0

French Oak Wood And Chronic Fatigue Are you tired? Not feeling as vibrant as you could? You’re not alone. Almost all of my patients say they could use more energy. In fact, fatigue is often their primary complaint. Chronic fatigue is real, potentially debilitating, and has the capacity to destroy […]

Serrapeptase Side Effects

May 29, 2016 yourhealth 0

The proteolytic enzyme, serrapeptase, is taken to ease inflammation. This particular protease is used as it effectively dissolves dead and swollen tissue. I first published information to the internet in 2000, after a San Diego pioneer first educated me on its properties. I researched 23 studies on this compound, and […]

Herbs For Menopause

May 29, 2016 yourhealth 0

Helpful Herbs For Menopause Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and memory problems… For men it may be true that only two things in life are certain – death and taxes. But, for women, there is also no avoiding the menopause – and those who get through this life stage […]

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