Milk Thistle Review

Milk Thistle Review
Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years, most commonly for the treatment of liver and gallbladder disorders. I used it mainly to help detoxify my liver. To read more about Milk Thistle benefits check these articles out. Milk ThistleMilk Thistle: Benefits and Side Effects and Milk Thistle and Liver Cancer.

I started using Milk Thistle myself last summer when my mother’s doctor recommended. My mother is recovering from liver issues. She was treated for liver disease a while back and she is doing great. Her medication helped her go from stage 4 liver disease to stage 1. At this point, the liver is capable of healing itself. Her doctor recommended using Milk Thistle to speed up the recovery process and for her liver to reach 100%. I did some research about Milk Thistle before my mother started using it to ensure it doesn’t interact with anything else she is taking. I was so impressed with the benefits so I decided to try it myself.

When I initially used it, I wasn’t expecting any noticeable difference. I wasn’t really sure how to tell if my liver is going to do any better. But to my surprise I noticed a few things right away. First, my bloating almost went away. This was noticeable to me because I have had bloating for years and the minute I see change I notice; everyone around me started asking if I lost weight. I didn’t actually lose weight but for some reason I started looking tighter, it is the only way I can explain it.  My mother experienced similar result.

The second one is decreased sweating and this was huge for me and not so much for my mother as she normally doesn’t sweat much. I noticed my sweating decreased significantly. At the beginning I thought it was all my head and possibly nothing more but a coincidence. To test my theory, I stopped using it for a bit to see what happened and voila my excessive sweating came back. I rarely use deodorant now which was a must for me even though I shower daily.

My mother noticed a huge improvement with her skin. As she aged my mother got darker and her hands and forearms had blotchy areas. We checked with many doctors about my mother change of color especially her hands and forearms and we were told over and over again that it is just age. My mother got noticeably lighter and to our surprise the blotchy areas on her forearms starting flaking and now are totally gone. This was quite a nice surprise.

Bowel movements has also improved a great deal for both my mother and I. My mother had constipation for years and never really found a solution until she took the Milk Thistle.  I didn’t have constipation, occasionally perhaps but I had to strain often to have bowel movement. I found that I don’t have to do that enough.

We have both also noticed that our energy level increased as well.

You might not get the same result my mother and I experienced.  I think Milk Thistle will affect each person differently. I have no issues with my liver yet I have experienced some benefits which make me believe my liver wasn’t working at its optimal level.  Age, heredity factors, environment all play a role in how well our liver functions. Our liver slows down as we age; it is just a fact of life. Sometimes we simply inherit a bad liver and in this case, you can use all the help you can get with doctor supervision of course. In the good old days, that is all you have to deal with but now in this day and age with all the junk food we eat, cleaning products and makeup products we use, our liver needs all the help it can get.

Herbs are there to lend us helping hands. What works for me might not work for you. Never take my review or others at face value. My recommendation is read and read and read some more. Read about it to empower yourself.

Have you used Milk Thistle, tell us what you think?

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