The Health Benefits Of Serrapeptase

September 26, 2016 yourhealth 0

Discovered in the early 1970’s, this proteolytic enzyme was isolated from the Serratia species of bacteria located in the intestines of silkworms. Serrapeptase, also called serratiopeptidase, is truly a superior enzyme that provides strong, healthful properties.Today Serrapeptase is used all over Europe and Asia in clinical settings. It has the […]

Serrapeptase Side Effects

May 29, 2016 yourhealth 0

The proteolytic enzyme, serrapeptase, is taken to ease inflammation. This particular protease is used as it effectively dissolves dead and swollen tissue. I first published information to the internet in 2000, after a San Diego pioneer first educated me on its properties. I researched 23 studies on this compound, and […]