What Is Melatonin?

April 23, 2016 yourhealth 0

Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally by the pineal gland in response to darkness. Levels remain high during sleep until the pineal gland tapers off production in response to light. Melatonin’s effects on sleep, other hormones and cancer are the reason it has been studied ever since its discovery in […]

Calm Your Nerves With Passion Flower

January 21, 2016 yourhealth 0

Perhaps you feel nervous or anxious some or all of the time, but just don’t want to take drugs to calm yourself down. If you wish to allay your nervousness without becoming dependent or suffering unwanted effects, you can turn to Passion flower, or Passiflora incarnata. Also known as May […]

5 benefits of melatonin beyond a good night’s sleep

January 20, 2016 yourhealth 0

We’ve read about melatonin leading to better sleep. But did you know that it can also reduce belly fat, lighten your PMS and keep diabetes at bay? There’s a reason melatonin is on many doctor’s must-have anti-aging list and touted by celebrities like Suzanne Somers for its powerful ability to encourage sleep […]