Taking Control Of Your Health

Taking Control Of Your Health
Taking Control Of Your Health

Have you ever been sick? Did you go to the doctor and did all sort of tests then told there is nothing wrong with you? Were you told that maybe it’s all in your head or maybe you are just depressed? It is really sad how often we hear this from so many people. You are sick and feel unwell and you go to a doctor after another with no success. Even your family and friends start to wonder if it is all in your head. I am not saying that our modern medicinal ways are not working. In the contrary, it is working well that is why human life span has increased and we all should be grateful for that. The problem is our bodies are still in some areas a total mystery even to doctors.  In order to diagnose what is wrong with us doctors relay fully on tests and scans and if your test all look good then modern medicine are no help.

I have been down this road myself and I know how frustrating it can be. And the upsetting part is you are in it alone. No one can take care of your health but you. Others including you loved once might sympathize with you but at the end it is all up to you. I became a vitamins and supplements fanatic in an attempt to fix myself and through some trial and error I achieved some success. I had more than a few issues that interfered with my quality of life and even though I had nothing terminal I craved some normalcy. I wanted to be like everyone else.

Supplements and vitamins are also extremely hopefully as we get older.  As we get older our liver becomes somewhat lazy due to age and other factors like toxins in food and environments. A liver detoxifier like Milk Thistle and Dandelion roots are great at making your liver work at its optimal.  How about things we can’t control, like heredity traits that we are predisposed to? Take constipation for example, it runs in my family from the oldest to the youngest family members. How about sweating like crazy? It runs in my family too. Both fixed by taking Milk Thistle. It seems both related to lazy liver.

Our bodies have the ability to heal itself when provided with the proper tools. This is where supplements and sometimes vitamins come in. But you have to know your body, I can’t emphasis this enough. You can’t take vitamins and supplements without understanding your body. Check your blood test and learn to read them. Look at any medications you are taking and see how they interact with any supplements or vitamins you are thinking of trying.  Read articles after another about the supplements or vitamins you are thinking of trying. Get all the facts about the benefits and side effects.  Even supplements and vitamins have side effects when taken incorrectly.  So be extremely cautions

Even though I have this in my disclaimer, let me emphasis that I am no doctor or herbalist and I don’t claim to be one. My views and opinions are my own. Before trying any recommendation please consulate with your doctor.

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